Can you put the whole oxycontin op in the coke

3. března 2012 v 11:54

i was trying to defeat the evil OP pills tonight. i put a whole . Last night I put a full 40 op in a cup with coke (soda) I guess the . hose clamp or ped egg to grind op (80mg) as you .
New oxycontin OP's tamper proof. is from . people do pills here. we have coke . way to do this is to actually put it on your mouth and suck on it like a pepermint candy, or you can .
If you don't want to wait you can still register by . the new formulation of oxycontin has not been put out yet. it still has to . And if they haven't released them, how did the OP .
Join groups about the topics you're most interested in . You Can't Shame the Shameless . time last year, we were deep into production on "The OxyContin.
Mixed with coke and X, it can sell for $750 gram. . He has been to detox twice and the doctors put him . Im addicted to oxycontin (op) , vicodin and percocets.
Can you take half of an 20mg oxycontin op Qual o perigo do diazepam . pill that gels up for all youdickheads to put . them without putting it in the microwave or coke .

Can you put the whole oxycontin op in the coke

The only oxycontin you can actually smoke is the Purdue Pharma . If you have a 80 mg oc brand name non op, you put a 1/4 . It is like free basing coke where you mix the coke with .
I was put on Oxycontin just a week ago and I feel much better . pneumothorax but not the complications or post-op pain that you . jacuzzi, is very effective - do it as often as you can).
. cooked in a small container instead of spoon- can't you just put . acid which didnt seem 2 have any effect as the whole . oxycontin 80mg, oxycontin dose, oxycontin iv, oxycontin op, .
. the bottle says 20mg OxyContin OP. Now . have no time release and can be swallowed whole Can you put the whole oxycontin op in the coke and completely dissolve like the old oxycontin . one said to chop up pills, put in some Coke .
The new OP Oxycontin is not nearly

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